Clinical Nutrition & Food Service

The nourilife Advantage

When you choose nourilife, you are choosing a comprehensive, high quality, and superior nutrition provider focused on customer service and excellent patient outcome. The dietitian(s) assigned to your facility not only possess excellent skills and knowledge in dietetics, but have experience in JCAHO and CMS surveys, Title 22 regulations and requirements, and the development, implementation and execution of CMS state survey plan of correction (POC) as related to clinical nutrition and food service. 

At nourilife, we offer your facility:

  • standardized nutrition assessments

  • standardized department audits

  • survey preparedness audit for clinical nutrition and food service

  • excellent communication with nursing team and physicians on nutrition recommendations

  • nutrition analysis of menu

  • menu planning

  • review of facility's Policies & Procedures to ensure they are up-to-date with the most current regulations

Services Offered

Clinical Nutrition:

  • Nutrition assessments

    • Initial

    • Quarterly

    • Annually

    • Weight variance

    • Skin

    • Tube feeding

    • Change of condition

  • RAP summaries

  • MDS

  • Interdisciplinary team discussions

  • Patient/family care conferences

Food Service:

  • Food service and sanitation audits

  • Meal delivery and tray accuracy audits

  • In-services

    • Lesson plans

    • Post assessment

    • Documentation

  • Menu planning

  • Nutrition analysis of menu

Survey Preparedness:

  • Survey preparedness audit - clinical nutrition and food service

  • Review of facility's Policies & Procedures

  • Development, implementation and execution of CMS state survey plan of correction (POC) 

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